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Inner Peace Conference 2018

We're very happy to hear so many positive vibes and heartfelt messages about the third edition.
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Inner Peace Conference

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Open your heart with Yoga, clear your mind through Meditation,
inspire your being with Wisdom and awake your soul with Music.

5th and 6th of October, Amsterdam

The Inner Peace Conference is a conference designed to expose people to the great wisdom traditions of the world and ignite an inner revolution. Wisdom, music, meditation, yoga and other comtemplative practices have always functioned as keys to open our hearts and clear our minds for inner peace. Join us this October to start your own inner revolution.

Throughout history the city of Amsterdam has played a crucial part in harbouring and sharing these wisdom traditions. It has been a sanctuary for independent thinkers, writers, innovators and artists, resulting in an open society uniting people from all walks of life. For this reason, we feel this is fertile soil for finding truth and discovering our true nature.

The time has come to once again unite these great wisdom traditions so that they can lead us beyond religion, nationality and race.

Please join us for a life of Inner Peace.

Sacred Spaces

Practice in iconic churches and historic places.

We have selected some of Amsterdam’s most mind-bending spaces to practice yoga and meditation to find inner peace. Among our locations are three breathtakingly beautiful ancient churches.

De Duif

Est. 1857


Est. 1668


Est. 1872


Join us for a life
of Inner Peace