Mindfulness and Restorative Yoga

With Kristen MacPherson

In recognition of a growing need to balance the activity of our daily lives with a relaxing yoga practice, this session will bring together Mindfulness Meditation and Restorative Yoga.  

In cultivating relaxation, we slowly move from action/‘doing’ towards a state where rest is more dominant.  The practice allows a slow settle into stillness, quiet and warmth.  Using props, we will learn how to support ourselves and create the environment for deep rest in restorative yoga postures.

The restorative practice will be paired with mindfulness meditation to bring awareness to our state of body/mind and to savour the experience of restoring and nourishing ourselves.



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About Kristen MacPherson

Kristen was born in upstate New York, but has spent the majority of her life living in Europe. After completing her doctorate at the University of Oxford, she was working in London doing academic research when her husband was offered a diplomatic posting to Brussels. The move to Belgium allowed more time for the study of yoga (which she had been practicing since she was a teenager). Her first teacher training was in Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), followed by specialist trainings in Prenatal, Postnatal and Yin Yoga. Having studied with Judith Hanson Lasater, Kristen developed a special interest in Restorative Yoga, and is also certified in Advanced Restorative Yoga.  A few years ago she returned to study in Oxford, this time at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, to complete her foundational study of teaching mindfulness.  
Kristen is founder of Radiant Light Yoga, which has yoga centers in Antwerp and in Brussels, and is happily involved in the growing yoga and meditation community in Belgium.



The beautiful Vondelkerk, located next to the Vondelpark, has a rich history. With it’s painted ceiling, gothic architecture and deep grounding energy, this is a very sacred space. The church was designed by Cuypers, also the master behind iconic buildings like Amsterdam Central Station and the Rijksmuseum. Cuypers had many ideas about what the ideal society looked like, and the Vondelkerk is an expression of that. We believe that the practice of yoga and meditation leads to a new society, and practicing inner peace in the Vondelkerk is meant to be.

Why do we practice Inner Peace in a church?

Churches are designed to channel universal wisdom to the people. Their locations are always chosen with a clear mind, their energetic field functioning as the nadis of the city. These urban sanctuaries are charged with spiritual energy. By practicing inner peace in these sacred places, we tap into this energy. Here we can come in oneness with the universe and go beyond religion.


Join us for a life
of Inner Peace