Meet Afke Reijenga & Jennifer Ann

Afke, born in Aalst, moved to Paris when she was eighteen and worked in the world of fashion, film and art. In 2010, she made a mayor change in her life. She had enough of the glitter and glamour life style. She started her journey inwards, sold everything she owned, and went travelling around the world.

Yoga helped her to find her freedom. Freedom as in liberating oneself from patterns and attachments; old habits that do not serve a person neither serve the world. She experienced it like pealing of an onion, a spiritual striptease! 

Through yoga, she found a new and healthy way to live her life.  In her sessions she inspires others to take life a bit more lightly and to taste a sense of freedom. She embraces freeing oneself from personal dramas, as to really embrace the world; the practise of becoming a spiritual warrior and serve the world.

When she is not teaching or studying she helps in Lesbos Greece in the refugee camps. Together with Steffi de Pous and Anna Smit (her yogi friends) they started a foundation "BecauseWeCarry' after seeing all these terrible images on Social Media, they decided to act and do something, Because We Carry grew so fast that it became a very strong NGO with more then 300 volunteers and has helped so many and still is.
At the moment Afke is setting up a special Yoga program for Yoga teachers in the refugee camps.

She is always been a good force in organising events and parties abroad.
when her students asked her for a yoga holiday she started organising Magical Yoga retreats in Ibiza,
now she has Yoga retreats in Ibiza, India, Switzerland and Thailand.

When she is in Amsterdam, she teaches every day.
Also teaches at the main festivals in Holland and Belgium.

Lokah Samastah Sukhinoh Bhavantu,May all beings everywhere be happy and free!


Jennifer Ann

Jennifer Ann is a musician (folk/medicine songs) and experienced ceremony leader from Holland/USA. Her music roots lie in mantra and medicine music. Her ceremony roots lie with different indigenous tribes. Her voice is soulful and warm and her fans describe it as a mothers embrace. With her search for the medicine and healing powers within music, she follows the traditions of mantra chanting and tribal ceremonial music.

"Afke her authenticity makes it always a joy to attend her sessions, she has such a playful spirit that is very contagious."

– René at Yogaland festival Belgium

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