Meet Aunty Ivy



"My mission is to heal and strengthen our relationship to the earth, our ancestors and each other, through communion with the elements and spirit." 

— Aunty Ivy

Aunty Ivy is a mother, grandmother, spiritual teacher, universal elder and healer, proudly born in Aotearoa, NZ. We are very grateful that she will be joining us and sharing her wisdom during this years' conference. She will bring her Polynesian teachings from her Universal lineages.

Ivy’s ancestral medicine of universal healing, integrity, and unity as one indigenous people, is touching lives across the world. She is walking a peace and harmony mission this year starting in Aotearoa(Nz) finishing in Africa. Her sacred markings on her face are a representation of her commitment to her universal messages of peace and harmony.

As a descendant of Samoan, Fijian, East Asian, Portuguese and French bloodlines with a heartwarming intention and embodied integrity, Ivy will create and hold space for awareness as she shares her teachings and leads you through prayer, self-healing, spiritual leadership and protocols, plus many more skills for your (spiritual) life toolbox.

“It is time for the spiritual warriors to wake up to themselves and take responsibility for humankind’s biggest challenges: The environmental crisis, governmental corruption, human trafficking, racial conflict, and the legacy we leave our children."

"Aunty Ivy's teaching are filled with integrity and love giving us the skills to help one another and ourselves. In these turbulent times we are being given the opportunity to step up and change for the future benefit of our Earth and our children. Aunty Ivy's vast life experience can help us all to create a healthy future."

– Participant in one of Ivy's sharings


A small documentary about Aunty Ivy's work and the relationships she has built with young people.

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