Meet Brigitte van Baren

"Although I have a busy life, silence is always with me." - Brigitte van Baren

Many of us are searching for it: inner light, fulfillment and perspective. But how do we find our way out of this egoistic, confusing world?

This year Prof. H.J Witteveen and Brigitte van Baren are coming to the Inner Peace Conference to discuss this question, each deriving from their own spiritual background and personal experiences in their life and in their work.

Looking for inner silence within your busy life?

He, Prof. H.J. Witteveen, is the former leader of the International Sufi movement in Geneva and The Hague. And she, Brigitte van Baren, is a ZEN teacher. Together they organize gatherings in which they bring together ZEN and Sufism, at Murad Hassil (meaning: 'wish fulfilled'), the temple of the International Sufi Movement in Katwijk (NL). With their extraordinary backgrounds in the business world and two different spiritual movements, they teach people how to ease the mind, gain a deeper satisfaction and find happiness in their daily lives.


Read Brigitte van Baren's full bio:

Brigitte van Baren studied Dutch law in Amsterdam and specialized in environmental law. She founded Inner Sense in 1992. Inner Sense aims to enhance inner depth in the corporate and industrial world by applying ‘essentials in leadership’. Inner Sense has endorsed the values of the Earth Charter, working with the framework and striving to achieve fair and sustainable leadership. An integral part of this vision is the engagement of young (potential) leaders at events concerning sustainable leadership. Brigitte van Baren has led projects for international organizations; coaching and training people in leadership positions, managers and teams. She is an author and a Zen teacher. She works with the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (known as VNO-NCW) and Nyenrode Business University on leadership programs. She has organized several international conferences and is a member of the commission that organizes the yearly VNO-NCW Bilderberg Conference. She conceptualized and initiated the international Wings conferences by organizing Wings for Rio+20 and co-organizing the Wings for Earth Charter (VNO-NCV and Soetendorp Institute) and Wings for Water and UN World Water Day  2013 (commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Celebrating Soil  Conference 2015. 

“We tend to neglect the inside world. But this inside world is our home and we need to go home, we are all longing for it. So I am confident that we will get there, we will go home. Let's go home together."

~ Brigitte van Baren.

"Silence is always with us. By learning to go within and opening up to spirit, guidance is there awaiting for us. We only have to become silent and listen."

~ Brigitte van Baren

Earth Charter Dialogue between Prof. Witteveen & Brigitte van Baren

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