Meet Esther Ritman

Esther Ritman (1964) was asked in the summer of 1986 by her father, Joost R. Ritman, to help organise an exhibition and the library’s first international scholarly symposium on Johann Valentin Andreae. Die Manifeste der Rosenkreuzerbruderschaft 1586-1986in Amsterdam. Since that time, her life has been entwined with the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. As member of the staff she has since 1986 been actively involved in all aspects of the BPH’s many exhibition projects, both at home and abroad, in PR activities, and in the strategic development of the library’s research and public functions.From 2003 she has been the library’s general director and librarian, in which capacity she has committed herself to realize the founder’s most profound wish, to turn the library into an institution embedded within the community. In the past 25 years, the BPH has grown into an internationally renowned research library, providing the basis for what Esther sees as one of the main objectives in the coming years, to form a platform of dialogue and communication in the BPH’s field of specialization. A major role will be allotted to communication options in the virtual domain. Her personal drive is to make the collection accessible to all, to share it and thereby to multiply the ‘Hermetically open’ and inexhaustible source of wisdom contained in the library.

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