Meet Professor Dr. H.J. Witteveen

"The world is big, fascinating and sometimes we get lost of track, are faced with difficult decisions, walking in circles in our mind and feel stuck. But when we learn to go within and find this inner light, then suddenly everything becomes crystal clear."
 - H. J. Witteveen

Many of us are searching for it: inner light, fulfillment, and perspective.
But how do we find our way out of this egoistic, confusing world?

This year Prof. H.J Witteveen and Brigitte van Baren are coming to the Inner Peace Conference to discuss this question, each deriving from their own spiritual background and personal experiences in their lives and in their work.

Read Prof. H.J. Witteveen's full bio:

Peace pilgrimage for love compassion and humanity. Chair Universal Sufi Council Murshid Dr. H.J. Karimbakhsh Witteveen. who is calling this Sufi conference together with Peer Mudassir from Pakistan, is one of the former leaders of the International Sufi Movement in Geneva and The Hague. At the same time, he is an economist, who has been a professor in economics, Minister of Finance and vice Prime Minister in the Netherlands and later Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. He has shown in this career how the inner and outer life can grow together, inspiring and testing each other. As leader of the International Sufi Movement – together with Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan, the son of Hazrat Inayat Khan – he has succeeded in creating a harmonious cooperation between the different Sufi organizations that are following Hazrat Inayat Khan’s message, creating in that way the Federation of the Sufi Message. Murshid Karimbakhsh now hopes to bring many different leaders of Sufi orders who recognise this universal character of Sufism and a few leaders of mystical orders in other religions harmoniously together in a Sufi conference.

"We tend to be so busy with the outside world, with everything that is happening around us, with all we have to do and all the problems we are facing. Beautiful things, difficult things, with all that is about to come. It is drawing our attention and fascinates us. It is what keeps us busy and with what we identify ourselves with. We tend to think that this is what we are and it is exactly this big illusion we have to overcome. This is the ego that like a cloud in the sky separates us from the light."

~ Prof. H.J. Witteveen

Silence is always with us. By learning to go within and opening up to spirit, guidance is there awaiting for us. We only have to become silent and listen.

~ Prof. H.J. Witteveen

Earth Charter Dialogue Prof. Witteveen & Brigitte van Baren

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