"Masters are thankful for everything, even for those situations that an ‘ordinary’ person would consider totally undesirable.
They are thankful for them because they understand that life is giving them that situation so that they will remember their true nature, and show the best version of themselves. As the saying goes, pressure is what turns carbon into a diamond."

– taken from Jose Antiono Manchado's book Be Happier Than The Dalai Lama

Jose Antonio Manchado was born in 1976 in Lanzarote, Spain.
He is sound therapy instructor (Tibetan singing bowl, gong and modern sound), Inner growth instructor, self-development trainer, Tibetan energetic healing instructor, lecturer, fire walking instructor ánd the author of the book "Be Happier than the Dalai Lama".

Since 1998 he has been in constant practice and learning using several Masters (Monks, Tibetan Buddhist lamas and Zen in the fields of meditation, healing, sound therapies, therapies and vibrational energy. 
He has been specially trained in the study and practice of Meditation (Shinee and Shamata), mindfulness meditation, relaxation techniques, mental purification, Hatha Yoga, with different teachers including Akong Rinpoche, Lama Sangye, Sogyal Rinpoche, Jorge Diaz etc. 

He has been organizing and participating in various retreats and training events Tibetan and Zen Buddhist. He currently performs workshops, conferences, retreats, fear liberation workshops, meditation and healing seminars. 

"This is a very special man, Jose is a fantastic musician and healer. I saw him heal people of whom I thought this would be impossible."

"Happiness is well-being; being well with yourself"

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