Lex Empress

Lex Empress is a world-class vocalist and speaker who is known for her amazing musical improvisations, which she performs in seven languages. She effortlessly crafts melodies and words into entire songs in the moment, based on feedback from the audience, or on what she just heard from a panel or keynote speaker. Lex performs with virtuoso pianist Gilian Baracs, who also improvises everything he plays.

At the core of Lex’ philosophy lies the striking idea that each moment of a human life provides an opportunity for deep transformation, a chance to connect with one’s inner flow. Lex encourages her audience to embrace this concept, for a life improvised, is a life well lived. She is currently touring in Europe and the US and found a moment to be part of Wisdom in Business, flying in from her beloved home island Ibiza.


Gilian Baracs  

Gilian Baracs is a virtuoso jazz pianist and very talented composer who plays his piano improvising accordingly. Every song is absolutely unique! Every song is a soulsong from their hearts to yours.

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