Meet Dr. Miles Neale

Dr. Miles Neale is an outstanding clinical psycholist and devoted Buddhist teacher. At the age of 20, Neale’s search for an alternative to consumerist culture brought him to live in a Buddhist monastery for five months. He found everything he had been searching for his whole life and even more; he never looked back. 

He was closely mentored and guided by Dr. Joe Loizzo, who’s mentor is Bob Thurman, who learned from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 



Read Dr. Miles Neale's bio:

Dr. Miles Neale is of mixed British and Levantine heritage, born in Singapore, raised in Hong Kong and Turkey, and has traveled extensively throughout the world. Searching for an alternative to consumerist culture and looking to heal psychological wounds, he discovered the Buddhist path to awakening when he was twenty years old while living in a monastery in India.

Transformed by what he learned and wanting to share this knowledge with others, Miles embarked on a course of professional training that included study at the mind/body institutes at Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell while earning a Master’s degree in meditation research from New York University’s Gallatin Program and a Doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the California Institute for Integral Studies.

To complement his Western expertise, Dr. Neale also spent twenty years studying in the tradition of the Dalai Lamas under the guidance of some of the most respected American Buddhist scholars and Tibetan meditation masters of the twenty-first century. For more on Dr. Neale’s lineage and Buddhist training, please see his Inspiration page.

Dr. Neale maintains a private Buddhist psychotherapy practice in New York City where he sees meditators, yogis and those interested in wellbeing and spiritual development without spiritual bypassing. He also teaches internationally on programs inspired by Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and meditation as well as co-directs Nalanda Institute’s revolutionary Certificate Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy for health-care professionals, offered in New York City, San Francisco, Toronto and Barcelona. Additionally, Dr. Neale is Instructor of Psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College where he conducts cutting-edge meditation research and trains a new generation of medical students in integrative methods of self-healing.

Dr. Neale is coeditor and contributor to the groundbreaking book ‘Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy’ (Routledge, 2017) presenting Nalanda Institute’s vision and methodology on the subject and featuring essays by pioneers and leading experts in the field. You can also find a comprehensive CD set of ‘Guided Meditation with Dr. Miles Neale’ on Amazon and iTunes showcasing the diverse array of Indo-Tibetan meditation techniques including mindfulness mediation, compassion practice, wisdom contemplations and role-modeling visualization. Dr. Neale is honored to share the hero’s journey of becoming fully human.

"Mind the gap between your automatic impulses from evolution which will carry you along the trajectory of more threat and danger, to the best part of our nature that is: caring, problem solving, free thinking and creative.”

~ -Dr. Miles Neale

“The single most important factor in determining the quality of our experience—either misery or happiness—is the mind. Therefore, the single most important investment of our time and energy in this life is the cultivation of the mind towards awakening.”

~ -Dr. Miles Neale

"You could choose to stay connective, you could choose to share your feelings, you could choose to work collaboratively, you could choose to stay calm and you could choose to excess your problem solving mind. All of these things will help you far more effectively than your fight-flight instinct.

Every human being has the ability to connect, to solve problems and be more creative.

You have to be willing and eager to experience this.
It doesn't come by itself, but requires practice."

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