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“Are we going to settle with our own mindset, fight or flight response and have our personal health and our planet become just another statistic? Or are we going to choose differently? Are we going to upgrade our inner mind technology, so that we can transform our stress into well being?" 

– Parneet Pal 

Parneet Pal, M.B.B.S., M.S. is a Harvard- and Columbia-trained physician on a mission to scale the ideas that make wellbeing easy and accessible to all using evidence-based medicine and innovative behavior change models. 

Working at the intersection of lifestyle medicine, technology and behavior change, she loves to speak, teach and write while connecting the dots between personal, social and planetary wellbeing. She has spoken at numerous conferences including Slush (Helsinki), (Paris), The Next Web (Amsterdam), Tech Open Air (Berlin), WELCOA (Wellness Council of America), Wisdom 2.0 (San Francisco), ACLM (American College of Lifestyle Medicine), Regen18 (San Francisco) and Mindful Workplace Summit (1440 Multiversity, CA); is a podcast interviewer at Wise@Work podcast; writes for various publications including Harvard Business Review and was featured on the cover of Mindful magazine. 

Parneet made a shift from clinical practice to chronic disease prevention, focusing on the execution of wellbeing programs in various business and academic settings. She has directed two wellness spas, expanded a private executive health practice, coached executives and consulted with organizations on the design and implementation of lifestyle management platforms (nutrition, mindfulness, exercise, stress management). 

In her current role as Chief Science Officer, Wisdom Labs, she focuses on scaling the skills of mental resilience, emotional intelligence and compassionate leadership across organizations. 

In addition to her medical training, Parneet holds a Masters in Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Oregon. She is also a BJ Fogg Tiny Habits Certified Coach and Martha Beck-trained executive coach. Her decades-long meditation and mindfulness practice is key to her personal wellbeing. She continues to foster interdisciplinary health innovation as a TEDMED Scholar. 

She envisions the creation of a compassionate society where health is the default.


Parneet's workshop: Scaling Wisdom in Business

As business leaders, we are at a crucial inflection point in history. The future of work is unpredictable; rapid technological advances are contributing to a global cognition crisis; stress, anxiety, burnout and loneliness are epidemic; and the wellbeing of the planet lies in balance.

How can we best prepare to meet these conditions while also showing up as the wise leaders we wish to be - for our teams, stakeholders and clients?

The inner technology of mindfulness and compassion offers a practical and science-backed solution. Research shows that consistent practice produces changes in the brain and body that translate to better health, creativity, collaboration, emotional intelligence and decision making - all vital elements of wisdom in business. 

Through storytelling of the Wisdom Labs experience, a clear summary of the latest science, and guided practice, I will present wisdom as a scalable skill for leaders and organizations.



Responding to Stress with Compassion

Parneet Pal, Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs, talking about how to transform stress in well being.


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