Meet Ralph Freelink


“The fire of your longing will burn and bring you alive.”  
- Ralph Freelink

We are all here to live our destiny, and we are all on a quest to figure out how to do this. Over the past twenty years, and through a profound transformational process, Ralph has discovered that the answer lies in self-mastery. Self-mastery is all about integrating the world’s dual aspects (dark and light, feminine and masculine, birth and death, etc.) within ourselves. It is this individual healing journey that gives meaning to our lives, permits us to manifest our deepest potential and ultimately serve those around us. Only then we can truly belong.
Ralph is established as an executive coach and transformation leader in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He guides leaders in discovering their identity and purpose, and the manifestation of their Divine potential. He is also the founder of the Single Point Movement: a space for heart-centered and impact-driven leaders who create tremendous value and contribute to a flourishing world. Ralph has a background as a Buddhist, Shaman, Medium and Community Builder. He has also earned three academic degrees; He is a Polytechnician Engineer and has a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Amsterdam as well as a Master’s degree in Holistic Science from Schumacher College (UK). 

"The inner work I have done with Ralph will serve me for life! His coaching sessions have long-term impact and are truly beneficial for self-realisation within the larger context of your life’s purpose.

– Sophie Brokmann, Delight Yoga

"The Inner Peace Conference speaks to my heart because it brings different wisdom traditions together and gives them a voice. They are providing a sanctuary for inner explorations that are tailored to today’s needs. I look forward to sharing my own discoveries of past 22 years within the city of my birth. I am at a crossroads in my life where my (inner) work is resulting in an opportunity to spread my message. I am deeply grateful for the organisation for making this dream possible."

– Ralph Freelink

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