Meet René van Collem

René used to be the percussionist in the well-known Dutch band Doe Maar. Dropping out of school at age 16, he dedicates his life to playing the drums. Despite his passion for music he finds it difficult to find meaning in life. Feeling down and depressed, he starts taking drugs and becomes addicted to heroin.

After bringing out their album 'Doris Day and other pieces' Doe Maar becomes extremely popular. A year and a half later René collapses under the hysterics following their success and has to leave the band due to his drug addiction and irresponsible behavior. He is beyond control and loses everything and everybody.

Then, he discovers the Bagavad Gita, and reads a book about the Indian spiritual master Sai Baba. René discovers the spiritual path to a meaningful life, to love and hope. But he still finds himself in a deep, dark pit and the way out is painful and slow. Eventually he finds inner peace: the light and love that reside within. He also reconnects with the members of Doe Maar.

Presently, René wants to share his story, his experience and knowledge, hoping to inspire and encourage others who are struggling with addictions and destructive habits, so that they too may find their way back to their divine selves.

Join us for a life
of Inner Peace