Meet Shanti Sounds

Shanti Sounds Costa Rica is Ayi Wong and Michael Mayzel. They flying from Nosara in the middle of the Blue Zone in Costa Rica, where they are based to offer a Sound Journey at the Inner Peace Conference 2017. 


About Ayi

Originally from Amsterdam, Ayi is a talented and experienced sound healer, Ayi creates intuitively. She has MA’s in Philosophy and in Asian studies.  She completed her yoga teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra and continues her practice with Andrei Ram.

Through her experiences with sacred geometry, Mystery School, meditation and as a yoga teacher she connects deeply with the sounds and vibrations of the gongs, crystal bowls, crystal harps, chimes and tuning forks.


Michael has been sensitized to the subtleties of sound for much of his life.  He has played various percussion instruments and has embraced a daily meditation practice since the age of 17.

A practitioner of martial arts for most of his life, he now enjoys the sharing of it through teaching Qi Gong.
Through his longtime Vedanta and meditation practice and as a percussionist, he brings his life's experiences to the joyous creations of Sound Journeys.

"The Sound Journey with Michael and Ayi left me feeling relaxed, refreshed and rooted. It was as though my entire vascular, muscular and skeletal system had been re-booted. Since trying it for the first time a few years ago I have returned whenever I have the chance with an ever-deepening respect for the healing nuance in this journey of sound."

– Jess R. - Moksha Modo Yoga Co Founder, Co Director

"I have participated in three of Ayi and Michael’s sound journeys...each time it has been a unique and profoundly beautiful experience. The vibrations of the bowls and gongs create an energetic container in which to deeply relax, let go, realign, heal, unwind, go deep, celebrate and transform."

– Alandra - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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