Meet Tory Hyndman

"When there is balance, there is equanimity.  Then we experience real peace. Real happiness."

– Victoria Hyndman

Victoria Hyndman’s classes are taught in a light-hearted manner yet come from the solid foundation of Ayurveda.  Students experience spiritual access through physical practice by going through sequences that flow into deeper layers of challenging physical postures followed by rejuvenating postures and moments of reflection.

Practicing yoga is wonderful, but if you are practicing a style of yoga that is not right for who you are right now, you could be bringing yourself more out of balance rather than back into balance.

Ayurveda teaches us about ourselves, each being an individual, giving us the power to take charge of our own happiness and well-being. This means that certain foods are right for certain people, certain lifestyles are right for certain people, and certain styles and levels of intensities are right for certain people.

Victoria helps you to get to know your own born constitution and all their personality traits that may come along with that, and how to use that not as a place of self-judgement, but self-knowledge. Equipped with that knowledge, we can then use the Ayurvedic tools to continue to balance ourselves.


Read Victoria Hyndman's full bio:

Victoria Hyndman, born in September 1973 in Canada, spent her childhood in Amsterdam and Toronto. At the age of 22 she moved to Los Angeles, and spent 13 years diving into the world of organic California yoga life which was at its moment of explosion. After sharing her enthusiasm for yoga with her non-yogic friends they said they would try it if she would become the teacher. And so she signed up for a yoga teacher training. One of the workshops she attended as part of her training was about Ayurveda, taught by Ayurvedic practitioner Mela Butcher. Within five minutes, Victoria found her calling: teaching that Ayurveda & yoga walk hand in hand.

She researched books and sources and found Dr. Vasant Lad at The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She attended workshops at The Ayurvedic Institute dreaming that one day she may be so fortunate to attend the full year training. In 2005, her dream came true and she moved to Albuquerque to attend the full training. During that year, Victoria also completed the Ayuryoga teacher training given by Chitra Chiauque at The Ayurvedic Institute.

After graduating at The Ayurvedic Institute in 2006, Victoria moved back to Amsterdam, and taught Ayurvedic yoga on the Acacdemy of Ayurvedic Studies and worked with Pukka and Kama Ayurveda. 
Then she moved to Bali with her two children for a year and worked at the Yoga Barn’s Ayurvedic centre, Kush in Ubud. 
In 2012 Victoria returned to Amsterdam and found her home at Delight Yoga. Her main goal is to bring through the ancient teachings of Ayurveda in a clear, simple and light-hearted manner with a sense of humor while being sticking to the authentic teachings, keeping the ancient wisdom alive today.

“Spiritual experience through physical practice.”

– Student Samira K. describing her experience of Victoria’s yoga class

"When we start to become the master of our five senses, which are like wild horses dragging us all over the place and away from our center, we can start controlling the chariot and be the driver, rather than being taken for a ride. Being like a scientist in a laboratory, we can start to see that all this mind-stuff falls into different gunas, qualities. Once we are able to have discernment of what is what, we can see the quality, and use the healing golden rule of “like increases like” and opposites balance."

– Victoria Hyndman

The Keys To Your Individual Nature

Obviously there is a shift going on and people try to take care of themselves (and the world) in a more conscious way on several levels..

But have you ever thought about that whatever might be the way to go as a lifestyle for your best friend, doesn't necessary have to be working for you? Yes - we are all made out of the same 5 elements essentially, but we each were born with our own (main) constitution, in which we are all slightly different, and not balanced out in the same way.

These make us a unique expression of nature.

So it might turn out that an overdose on vegetables or eating lots of warm meals isn't necessary what your body needs.. But what is it then?

Join us for a life
of Inner Peace